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It's Fun to hear from you! Vivien's ItsATwist!

Posted by Veronica Galen on Feb 4, 2013 1:46:00 PM

Meet Vivien and the 3 choices she made after loosing the first Twist she purchased: 

ItsATwist, Adventure, Paris    ItsATwist, Adventure, Montreal    ItsATwist, Adventure, Shanghai

Hi,Your scarfs are amazing! I bought my first one on Fab but unfortunately lost it. :-)


Please feel free to share my comments because it is so true! I've got so many compliments about your 'twist' that you won't believe how sad I was when I found out I lost mine in Vegas!!! 



There are so many ways to wear the Twist!

Pick your Twist and be sure to share your stories and pictures!

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"ItsATwist" is born!

Posted by Veronica Galen on Sep 7, 2011 4:57:00 PM

 A Twist is a wrap, is a top, is a skirt, is a hood, is a belt, is a shawl, is a gift

...It's all in how you put your Twist on it...

The surprise came when the fun design of our versatile shawl/scarf/hood design in the Fall/Winter 2011 Collection for Kids became what store owners wanted for themselves and for gifts… 

ItsATwist, scarf, knit, children ItsATwist, scarf, knit, children

The enthusiasm was impossible to resist and so "ItsATwist" for women of all ages was born.

ItsATwist, scarf, knit, box, gift

We got started and while we were having fun designing the gift box, the models in our photshoot kept playing with new ideas on how to wear the Twist.

                        ItsATwist, scarf, knit, accessory, wool, fun, fuchsia, Adventure ItsATwist, scarf, knit, accessory, wool, fun, Indulge, black ItsATwist, scarf, knit, accessory, wool, fun, plum, adventure

We developed four unique lines using different materials:

  • Indulge is the ultimate elegance in alpaca

  • Adventure celebrates hand dyed soft wool hues and warmth

  • Spirit for those who prefer hypoallergenic 

Designing each one is like playing with oils on a canvas, an absolute pleasure.

                        ItsATwist, scarf, knit, accessory, wool, fun, red, Escape ItsATwist, scarf, knit, accessory, wool, fun, orange, Adventure ItsATwist, scarf, knit, accessory, wool, fun, black, Escape

"ItsATwist" happened as a response to people's feedback and we are grateful for the support and encouragement provided by so many.

         Twist, Adventure, Montreal, scarf, knit, gift Spirit, ItsATwist, Scarf, Ivory ItsATwist, scarf, accessory, alpaca, gift

What's your Twist on it?

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