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Five Reasons a Royal Baby Awakes Timeless Emotions

Posted by Veronica Galen on Jul 23, 2013 4:05:00 PM

We have been wondering what the frenzy around Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby says about all of us?

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Even when my only connection to tabloids are the titles I read while in line at the supermarket, I felt a sort of a happy anticipation when I heard on the news that “The Duchess of Cambridge was in hospital due to deliver who would become the 3rd in line to the British Throne.” Mind you, I have no particular interest in British Royalty, my husband on the other hand seems to know a lot about them. 

So, I figured there must be some universal reasons why the world press is parked outside a hospital in London.

1.Fairytales, We all grew up with them. A handsome prince and his beautiful princess fall in love, marry and lived h….we know how it ends. Does someone come to mind?

Cinderella, Fairytale

2.A Newborn, No matter how cynical one may become, a baby touches whatever hope we have for the planet to be a good place.

Smocking, Baby, Bonnet

3.Familiarity, Unlike other royal families, the British Royal Family has afforded us through the years a glimpse into grand events …and the joy and sorrows at the heart of all families. A newborn guaranties many stories to come.

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4.Tragedy, Diana’s untimely death, brought empathy from the world to her boys and we feel good when they seem to achieve adulthood being nice, responsible and are happy. This birth is certainly one of those moments.

Diana, Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry

5.Happiness, When the news informs us daily of a violent, dangerous and fragile world, A newborn brings the illusion of a fairytale, the closeness of familiar, the possibility to overcome tragedy and the happiness that springs from hope.

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I think this little prince, not a week old, has already given many of us at least a smile. Thank you, and welcome to the world. May we suggest something for your wardrobe?

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Customized Flower GIrl Dresses for a Wedding to Remember

Posted by Veronica Galen on Feb 22, 2012 11:32:00 AM

Wedding Flower Girl Dress

It is not possible to remember the many times we have provided customized flower girl dresses to weddings: red for Holiday weddings, black ones, navy ones, open backs, shorter, longer, with and without monograms, orange sashes for the Hawaiian wedding...Send it fast to France the someone very famous in Santa Barbara or Washington DC....Contact relaxed brides,  nervous ones, some in disagreement with the mother or mother in law on the shade of the taking place.


In the end it is all there for that moment that will remain in the memory of all involved. That little girl or little girls will paraded down the aisle feeling they are special and part of something important. These girls will take away memories that involve decorum and elegance, the notion that a wedding is a ceremony marking an important moment in life, that one prepares thoughtfully for it, with care and attention to detail. A ceremony that is bringing to families together and the promise of a new family beginning.


For Valentine’s Day we received a present from Carol Goodfellow, pictures of her special day! In our hearts all of us at IG were there with her,  in every flower girl dress with the custom green sash Carol had carefully chosen. The perfect picture of a new beginning.


Thank you, Carol!

   Green Sash Wedding Dress

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