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5 Dresses to Celebrate the New Year

Posted by Isabel Garreton on Dec 27, 2014 4:32:23 PM

The New Year brings new goals, new expectations and new possibilities. Celebrating New Year’s Eve was always a family affair in Chile where I grew up. Everyone dressed up for a magical celebration full of promise, new beginnings and exciting new things to come. I remember as a child waiting for the countdown on the TV or radio…10...9...8… Bursting fireworks signaled the arrival of New Year. Everyone embraced and wished each other a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Our New Year’s celebrations were always great family affairs, including from the great grandparents to the newest baby, added to the collection of brothers, sisters and the many cousins that came with my mother’s four sisters. Lots of superstitious beliefs were passed around between the cousins as we dressed for the occasion. If you do not tie a ribbon in your hair, your wishes will not come true. Wearing red is bad luck, but black is good luck for the New Year. We paid attention to many such good luck/bad luck ideas while getting dressed, eventually making our own rules to suit exactly what we wanted to wear. No sleeves good luck, black very good luck and so on.

Children remember the funniest things. One of my most vivid childhood memories happened one New Year’s Eve, when a strange dog scared by the noise of the fireworks found his way into our home. He was hiding in a bathtub on the second floor. It was a big dog and none of the men wanted to go near it, so my “Tata,” my mom’s mom, my grandmother walks into the bathroom and orders the dog out. He lowered his ears and obeyed. For years, my dad and uncles joked about their fearless mother-in-law, but, as a young girl, I remember feeling proud knowing that women could be so brave!

While the adults would toast with champagne, we were provided with a choice of soft drinks, which we did not have often. I cherish these memories with my cousins and know your children will have memories of their own.

However you celebrate New Year’s Eve, these happy girls dresses will make wishes come true for 2015.

Best Wishes to all for a Wonderful New Year….and Good Luck!


1. Sequins & Sparkle




2. Festive Flowers




3. A Night on the Town



4. Black Tie



5. Belle of the Ball


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