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Communion Dresses That Are Heaven Sent

Posted by Isabel Garreton on Jan 24, 2015 10:42:57 AM


Celebrating a First Holy Communion is an important and meaningful ceremony in the life of a Catholic child. When a girl has her first communion, the dress she will wear becomes a beautiful reflection of purity. It is meant to be special, elegant, and like the event she is about to experience, unforgettable. These are the qualities in every dress designed for First Communion at Isabel Garretón.

We know that the communion dress is the dress she will look forward to wearing more than any before. It is attached to the family’s beliefs, what they cherish and value. It is the dress she will not want to take off, the dress that will remain in the collective memory in many pictures of the family, the pictures this little girl’s children will look at when they grow up.

Designing for such a memorable moment in so many people’s lives gives the Communion Collection a place all of its own when making decisions on fabrics, details, embellishments… The 2015 Collection includes new Communion Dress styles and some that have been part of the collection before and remain Communion favorites. At the request of customers, over the years we have been adding coordinated handmade keepsake communion accessories, including veils, floral halos, gloves, and handbags that will complete the special look that day requires.

Every dress made by Isabel Garretón has afforded the women constructing them, embroidering them and sewing them a dignified work opportunity they might not have had otherwise. Something we trust will make every Communion girl wearing one of our dresses feel good.

Here are a few Communion dresses that we hope will take your breath away when you see your daughter making her way down the center aisle of the church.

Subtle Silk Communion Dress Vintage Communion Dress Reflections Lace Holy Communion Dress

Gala Lace Communion Dress Surprise Organza 2 in 1 Communion Dress Heirloom Smocked Communion Dress


These are some of the accessories that complete the Communion Dress, creating a portrait to be remembered.


Communion Veils      Halo_White_Main

Girls Communion Gloves     Communion Veil and Floral Crown     Girls Communion Purse

Isabel Garretón

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Our 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions at Isabel Garreton

Posted by Veronica Galen on Feb 20, 2014 4:42:00 PM

Having been in business for 20+ years, we have talked to a lot of Moms, Brides, Mother of the Bride, and Dads. We are proud to have been a part of many special family moments and are committed to work with each customer to make sure our service meets the exceptional standards we hold in every aspect of what Isabel Garreton is as a company and the products we bring to market. We thought it could be useful if we compiled and shared a list with answers to the most common questions we receive.

 Velvet Holiday Dress  

Velvet with Sequins

1Q: What size is my child in Isabel Garreton dresses?

1A: Our sizing is European and the cuts are generous. We provide the garment measurements in our size chart for dresses, bubbles, christening gowns. Remember these are the garment measurements, so they should be 2-3" wider than the child's measurements.

Still not sure? If you email us the measurements below at, we can assist you in selecting the correct size. 


Chest (measured 1 inch below at the arm hole):

Waist (measured at the belly button):

Shoulder to Hem (length you want the dress to be):

 Enchanting Flower Girl Dress

'Enchanting' Silk with Tulle

Q2: This question has a lot of variations:

My child is petite, tall, thin, stocky; Can you make this IG style for her? 

I have religious requirements to add sleeves or additional length; Can you make these IG dress styles for me? 

A2: YES! We own our manufacturing and are able to do custom cuts, different fabrics, color matching, etc. Depending on the style and fabric there is a small charge for custom pieces, and there are no refunds as we are making this just for you.

Let us know what style you are interested in and our design team will review to see what is possible. 

Blue Dot Spring Summer Dress

Navy Dot Spring Summer Dress

Q3: How long will it take to get my order?

A3: If we have your pieces in stock, they will ship in 2 days, and if they are out of stock, we have to order it from our manufacturer and will ship to you in approximately 2-3 weeks. Let us know your event date in your order comments and we will follow up within 24 hours.

In a rush? We are often able to rush items, so give us a ring or shoot over an email and we can tell you what is in stock and what rush options are available!

Tucks Boys Christening
Tucks Romper

Q4: I want a different fabric or a different color to match my event, can IG do it? 

A4: Yes! Many of our styles have different fabric and color options. Looking for a perfect match? Send us a swatch and we will color match it. This will require additional coordination with you, so the more time we have before your event, the better!

 Heather Grey Wool Coat

New York Wool Coat

Q5: What is your return policy?

A5: If for any reason you are not pleased with what you receive, you may return any unworn item with tags within 10 days of receiving it and we will gladly exchange or refund you for the full cost of the item. Please note that, unless we have made a mistake, shipping charges cannot be refunded and there is a no return policy on custom made or personalized items. The exact steps for a return are here.

An exchange should be immediate if the item is available, otherwise we will order the item from our manufacturer and ship to you in 2-3 weeks. Credit card refunds should appear in your next billing cycle.

Custom Handmade Dolls
Custom Handmade Dolls

Q6: Do you ship Internationally?

A6: We can ship to any country in the world. We ship Internationally standard using USPS and recommend Express or Priority shipping as it provides additional tracking capability. 

If you email us, we can also ship to your country via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or other couriers, if you have a broker in the US, we can work with them if preferred.

 Special Occasion White Dresses

'Forget Me Not' Special Occasion Dresses

Q7: Does Isabel Garreton Inc really help women?

A7: YES! The company exists to provide a dignified work opportunity for underprivileged women artisans. Isabel Garretón began the company as a social enterprise over 20 years ago with women in her native Chile. She began with 21 women and has grown to support over 100 families. Every design is created to showcase the skills and craftsmanship of the artisans we work with, and are carried in the finest stores in the United States and worldwide. You can see a short video here.


Didn't answer your question?

Contact us and we'd be happy to help!

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9 Steps to Tie the Perfect Bow in a Girls Dress

Posted by Veronica Galen on Feb 1, 2014 4:00:00 AM

Have you felt the frustration of doing or seeing a sloppy bow on a gorgeous girl’s dress?

There is no doubt we are all dressing more casually and the opportunities to learn how to tie a bow are fewer and fewer, elegance is often a Special Occasion subject. 



This fact became apparent recently when I attended a wedding. Four adorable  flower girls were coming down the aisle. The bride selected the dress 'Surprise' from our Special Occasion Collection. This dress combines an embroidered organza overlay and silk dress, the girls looked beautiful. I was feeling pretty good until the girls passed me. Looking at them from the back, it was obvious no one getting them ready was comfortable tying bows; some bows were loose, uneven or going in the wrong direction.



After a lifetime designing special girl’s dresses, tying bows for hundreds of photo shoots on girls of all sizes and ages means tying bows is something I really know about!

We decided to create a graphic with simple steps that, with a little practice, will deliver a perfect bow. With one ribbon in blue and one in pink, it is easy to follow.

We printed it to include it in all the Special Occasion girl dresses we ship at this time of the year for First Communion, Flower Girls, and Graduations. 

It is useful to know how to tie a pretty bow, a simple and handy skill to have when you need it. It takes just a few steps and a little practice… Ready?...Try it.



  1. Center your ribbons to have equal lengths
  2. Left over Right (blue over pink)
  3. Left under Right (blue under pink)
  4. Fold a loop with the pink ribbon towards the right
  5. Bring the blue ribbon down and tuck it under the pink bow
  6. Pull blue ribbon through towards the left making a loop
  7. Pull both sides of the bow, pink and blue to secure the shape
  8. Adjust the size of the bow you want, then tighten it by pulling strongly on both sides
  9. The length of the remaining ribbon should be at least twice the width of the complete bow. I have seen them longer and sometimes in organza shorter. They all looked beautiful.

If you have a different way of doing bows that works please share it, we’d love to try it.



Getting ready for a memorable event? Take a peek at our Special Occasion Designs. 

    Social Mission


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It's FUN to Hear from You! Lisa's daughter's First Communion!

Posted by Veronica Galen on Apr 15, 2012 4:31:00 PM

Over our 25+ years many wonderful people have come our way. We enter their lives with our careful craft and unique designs, dropping a memory in their lives and when you take a momnet to share, you drop one in ours. Gratitude is a powerful gesture and we thoroughly appreciate it. Thank you, Lisa.

Although it has already been a year, I wanted to write and thank you for making the only dress my daughter wanted for her first communion. 

She loved it and it made her long awaited day very special!

I wanted to share some of her photos with you as you graciously made changes to the dress at my daughters request. 

My youngest child already has her communion dress picked out, The Melody dress! Hopefully it will be available when she she makes her communion.
Thank you for making such lovely dresses.
Sincerely, Lisa
750 IMG 7494
"Surprise" in All White

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