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Meet Javier! The Artisan behind our Custom Handmade Dolls!

Posted by Veronica Galen on Jul 16, 2013 7:00:00 AM

A few years back in my constant search for artisans I met Javier and his wide variety of handmade dolls and toys, I was very impressed by the playfulness and variety of his designs. It took a while for us to find a way to incorporate his dolls to what we do. I really wanted to develop a way in which anyone could engage in the creative and playful process of designing their own doll. The final pieces came together last summer our website has a Dolls Tab and is invited to create their very own doll and name it. Two to three weeks later they will receive the doll with the characteristics they chose. It has been tremendous FUN to see how engaged people get and we have had dolls with names as simple as DORA to more involved ones such as ANN WAVERLY, with and without fringe/bangs, black and white, blonds and brunettes, straight and curly name it...each with an adorable outfit!

I was intrigued by Javier and his work and decided to interview him a week ago. We met at a coffee shop where he told me how he started making dolls.

His grand father had been a carpenter and made toys, his mother also made toys, many dolls. He grew up helping them along until he went on to study graphic design, a field in which he worked for 15 years. During a visit to his parents home, in the south, he run into old magazines, pictures and toy patterns and had a revelation, this was who he was, these were his roots; he wanted to go back to the playful and fantasy environment he grew up in of handmade toys. Initially he kept his job while developing his ideas, and eventually he felt confident enough to believe he could support himself doing what he loved and he's never regretted it.

It has been a pleasure to have Javier join the group of wonderful artisans behind everything we do at IG and I look forward to the fun possibilities we will be able to offer you in the future.


        Custom Doll Beach Blond         artisan dolls social enterprise          Custom Handmade Dolls  

           ...dreaming...                     ...Javier...                  ....playing at the beach...  


                            Custom Handmade Doll             Custom Handmade Dolls

                             ...fall leaves...              ...rocking...


                                    Handmade Dolls Friends                                                                                                        ...a friend....


                                           Handmade Custom Dolls at Beach 

                                            ...many friends... 

This Summer indulge in the pleasure of a creative activity!

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