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Communion Dresses That Are Heaven Sent

Posted by Isabel Garreton on Jan 24, 2015 10:42:57 AM


Celebrating a First Holy Communion is an important and meaningful ceremony in the life of a Catholic child. When a girl has her first communion, the dress she will wear becomes a beautiful reflection of purity. It is meant to be special, elegant, and like the event she is about to experience, unforgettable. These are the qualities in every dress designed for First Communion at Isabel Garretón.

We know that the communion dress is the dress she will look forward to wearing more than any before. It is attached to the family’s beliefs, what they cherish and value. It is the dress she will not want to take off, the dress that will remain in the collective memory in many pictures of the family, the pictures this little girl’s children will look at when they grow up.

Designing for such a memorable moment in so many people’s lives gives the Communion Collection a place all of its own when making decisions on fabrics, details, embellishments… The 2015 Collection includes new Communion Dress styles and some that have been part of the collection before and remain Communion favorites. At the request of customers, over the years we have been adding coordinated handmade keepsake communion accessories, including veils, floral halos, gloves, and handbags that will complete the special look that day requires.

Every dress made by Isabel Garretón has afforded the women constructing them, embroidering them and sewing them a dignified work opportunity they might not have had otherwise. Something we trust will make every Communion girl wearing one of our dresses feel good.

Here are a few Communion dresses that we hope will take your breath away when you see your daughter making her way down the center aisle of the church.

Subtle Silk Communion Dress Vintage Communion Dress Reflections Lace Holy Communion Dress

Gala Lace Communion Dress Surprise Organza 2 in 1 Communion Dress Heirloom Smocked Communion Dress


These are some of the accessories that complete the Communion Dress, creating a portrait to be remembered.


Communion Veils      Halo_White_Main

Girls Communion Gloves     Communion Veil and Floral Crown     Girls Communion Purse

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