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Christening Gowns Worthy of Royalty

Posted by Isabel Garreton on Apr 13, 2015 2:03:08 PM



Fashion trends come and go, but few garments have the staying power of the christening gown. That’s what we love about designing these beautiful gowns. They represent a family’s heritage and tie generations of families together like no other garment in history. A fascinating example of this time-honored tradition is the British Royal Family’s christening gown. It has a storied history that begins with Queen Victoria, who commissioned the gown for the christening of her daughter, Victoria, in 1841. It was styled after the Queen’s wedding dress and has been worn by 62 royal babies over the course of 163 years. That’s truly amazing and is just as it should be. Queen Victoria described the precious gown in her diary as ‘a white Honiton point lace robe and mantle over white satin.’ The Christening gown reads like a history book, but its style has stood the test of time and is just as relevant today as it was nearly two centuries ago.



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Of course, even these barely worn gowns cannot last forever. The original 1841 gown was officially retired in 2004, but Queen Elizabeth had it replicated to a tee, so future royal babies can blissfully carry the tradition forward as if nothing has changed. Prince George wore it in 2013 and we are excited to see the heirloom of all heirlooms appear again this summer for the christening of his royal sibling, who is due to arrive in April.


For those of you who want your baby to be christened in a gown similar to Kate and William’s, try Isabel Garretón’s lace and cotton batiste Renaissance Gown. 



Isabel Garretón Renaissance Gown

Other styles we love are made of the finest fabrics and are just as lavishly appointed with intricate hand-embroidered details, hand smocking, collar treatments, monogramming and more.

Pearls Smocked Girls Christening Gown     Garland Smocked Girls Christening Gown     Delicate Girls Christening Gown


While christening gowns are meant to be worn by girls and boys, we also have a selection of boys’ rompers, a style that came into vogue in the 1920s and is growing in popularity today. 


                               Joseph Boys Christening Romper     Tucks Boys Christening Romper     Charming Boys Christening Gown


Accessories, such as booties and monogrammed bonnets, blankets and bibs, sweaters and coats, feature the same exquisite fabrics and embellishments as the gowns and rompers and are irresistible finishing touches.




The best part is, Isabel Garretón handmade dresses are part of a social enterprise to give underprivileged artisans in Chile dignified work opportunities and the chance for a better life. So, every time a baby is christened in one of our gowns, our family tradition of giving back to the world becomes a part of your family’s tradition.

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