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‘Tis the Season To Give, Changing the World One Dress at a Time

Posted by Veronica Galen on Dec 1, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Veronica Cutter

Giving Tuesday, a national day of giving, is December 2nd. What a great way to remind us of our good fortune and give us an opportunity to take a break from our busy lives to donate or contribute to the many worthy causes that benefit people around the world, as well as those closer to home in our own communities. 

December also marks the beginning of the holiday gift-giving season, another great opportunity to give back, with gifts that benefit others every time we purchase them and make us feel good about ourselves. When we first introduced our luxury children’s clothing in 1990, social enterprise companies, like ours, were virtually unheard of. Since then, the social purpose movement has gained much momentum. I am proud to be a pioneer in this growing movement and it makes me happy to see so many appreciating the difference when it comes to ethical manufacturing. 

With your enthusiastic support of our brand, we have proven that social enterprise works. When we started, we worked with a group of 21 underprivileged women in Chile, true artisans, to create a small collection of exquisitely appointed, hand-embroidered girls dresses. Today, the Isabel Garretón dresses, coats, matching purses, and other accessories that you found and purchased in the finest department and specialty stores in the country have helped us support more than 100 Chilean women and their families.

Social responsibility continues to be woven into each and every Isabel Garretón garment, making it possible for these hardworking, talented women to break the cycle of poverty, provide for their families and educate their children.

When thinking about your next gift purchase, or new holiday dress, give some thought to the brand that made it. If you find out that the person who made this product is being treated fairly, receiving fair wages and is able to sufficiently provide for his or her family, you have made this world a better place for all.

We believe we can change the world one dress at a time and do it everyday. The giving season makes it all the more special.

Best wishes for a joyful holiday season.

Isabel Garretón

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