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It's FUN to Hear from You! Lisa's daughter's First Communion!

Posted by Veronica Galen on Apr 15, 2012 4:31:00 PM

Over our 25+ years many wonderful people have come our way. We enter their lives with our careful craft and unique designs, dropping a memory in their lives and when you take a momnet to share, you drop one in ours. Gratitude is a powerful gesture and we thoroughly appreciate it. Thank you, Lisa.

Although it has already been a year, I wanted to write and thank you for making the only dress my daughter wanted for her first communion. 

She loved it and it made her long awaited day very special!

I wanted to share some of her photos with you as you graciously made changes to the dress at my daughters request. 

My youngest child already has her communion dress picked out, The Melody dress! Hopefully it will be available when she she makes her communion.
Thank you for making such lovely dresses.
Sincerely, Lisa
750 IMG 7494
"Surprise" in All White

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