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A Fun Summer Project with your Children

Posted by Veronica Galen on Jun 5, 2013 4:30:00 PM

Doll dreaming

Design your very own handmade doll with your children online and there and receive the doll a few weeks later. 


We love this idea!  



All of a sudden the extraordinary but impersonal experience that technology provides, turns into something handmade that they can hold, touch and play with.

Dolls in Germany

Choose skin color,eyes, smile, hair, clothing and other options. Once done, you name your new friend and VOILA in a few days it is at your door!

We love seeing our Handmade Dolls in their new homes!

doll friends at the Beach

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We love seeing the dolls in their new homes having new adventures!

DSC08453   Friends with Dolls

Start your own doll designs!

Design A Doll


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